Gazing on beautiful things acts on my soul.
— Michelangelo

I used to make clothing . . . I enjoyed dabbling with the colors, exploring the composition, refining the line, balancing the proportions, inventing pattern, playing with the textures, and getting lost in the details.  In the end, I would gaze upon this lovely creation, this beautiful thing, and delight in its creation-  The physical presence of what was once just an idea that I had envisioned.  And if, by chance, I glimpsed someone wearing one of my designs, I would feel an immense thrill.
And now, with painting, I have found a vehicle that allows my ideas to transcend trends and the passing of the seasons.   I have found a vehicle that allows me to continue to express my passion for textiles- those which were once lovingly draped are now lovingly rendered.   I have found a vehicle that allows me to again use the concepts of color, composition, line, proportion, pattern and texture.  Yet now, even more gratifying, the final product equals much more than the sum of these parts.  For within this beautiful thing, this painting, a ceaseless world exists.  With each viewer a new world is created. 
It is toward this new world that I paint images that evoke a narrative- a narrative that is reborn in each viewer.  No longer are my ideas relegated to a closet, or a drawer, but are now worn in the mind, in the minds of many.  And you, my dear viewer, are my many . . .and for this I am thrilled!